Gian Reto Nussbaumer

Gian Reto discovered korfball long ago when partaking in an exchange semester in the UK, and since then has kept an ear out for an arrival of the sport here in Zurich. Although he hadn't played for many years, he immediately lent his previous experience in developing sports clubs to the KCZ committee.

Development and
Vice President

Luzia Kathriner

Whilst living abroad for several years, Luzia joined a korfball club in Cardiff and fell in love with the sport. She was therefore delighted to return to Switzerland and find a group of people in the process of setting up KCZ, and eagerly joined in.


Fabienne Thöni

Having played korbball for many years, Fabienne was excited to learn about a sport called korfball during her exchange year in the UK. She realised soon that the sports sounding so similar was actually a lot different. Nevertheless, she began to love korfball so much that after returning back to Switzerland, she quit korbball and joined the Zurich Korfball Club.

Technichal Coordinator

Paul Bal

Korfballing since he can remember, Paul was overjoyed when he found and joined KCZ end 2018. Now he helps players and trainers improving their korfball knowledge and gameplay.


Robert Sayers

Rob discovered korfball when he came along to a "Bring a friend" training in Zürich in November 2018. He found that he enjoyed both the sport and the club and now helps to grow and develop the club further

Webmaster and social media

Silvia Vogel

Silvia didn’t have any experience with team sports, but the exciting sport and the lively club soon got her involved. At KCZ she learned to play and love korfball, although the first training being a date with her since-then-boyfriend ;)

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