Gian Reto Nussbaumer

Gian Reto discovered korfball long ago when partaking in an exchange semester in the UK, and since then has kept an ear out for an arrival of the sport here in Zurich. Although he hadn't played for many years, he immediately lent his previous experience in developing sports clubs to the KCZ committee.


Fabienne Thöni

Having played korbball for many years, Fabienne was excited to learn about a sport called korfball during her exchange year in the UK. She realised soon that the sports sounding so similar was actually a lot different. Nevertheless, she began to love korfball so much that after returning back to Switzerland, she quit korbball and joined the Zurich Korfball Club.


Adrian Müller

While searching for a fancy physical activity, Adrian stumbled upon KCZ in 2021. Previously he had no Korfball experience and was able to quickly find his way around the club and is now even responsible for the finances - a very important job!

Technical Coordinator

Anouk Van Kammen

Anouk has been playing korfball since she was 4 years old. The first thing she did when she moved to Switzerland was looking for a korfball club. Unfortunately it didn’t exist yet. Luckily one year later they founded a korfball club in Zurich where she doesn't only get to play the sports that she's so passionate about, but also found her Swiss korfball family.

Events and Social

Greg Saerens

Greg grew up in the Fribourg Prealps and moved to Zürich in 2012 to start a Bachelor in Physics at ETH. During his free time, Greg enjoys to bike, to jog or to swim but it is only 2019 that he discovered korfball through word of mouth. Even an unfortunate bike accident coming back from training could not stop Greg from persevering in Korfball, as he resumed full of joy training in summer 2020.

Events and Social

Lieke Dam Wichers

With both parents playing korfball, Lieke grew up with korfball in Holland. So when she was looking for a job in Switzerland, there was one important criterion: there has to be a korfball club around. Luckily she found that in KCZ. From the first training on (even though she was 30 minutes late), the people of the club really made her feel at home in Switzerland, so she's very happy to have joined and help the club grow even further.

Webmaster and social media

Silvia Vogel

Silvia didn't have any experience with team sports, but the exciting sport and the lively club soon got her involved. At KCZ she learned to play and love korfball, although the first training being a date with her since-then-boyfriend ;)

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