Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a city where there was no Korfball. Many times she looked for people to play her favourite sport but never did she find anyone.

One Christmas she was very homesick because all her friends back home were playing Korfball, so she searched online for Korfball one more time. And this time she finally found something! In another city far away, there was a courageous group of people gathering to play Korfball. As fate would have it, she had to go to this city for business the day before another training. She recognised the sign and extended her trip by a day, in order to join the group and finally get to play her beloved sport once more.

In the following months, she kept going to the far away city to play Korfball, and she got to know the man who organised the trainings there. And then one fateful day, the man had to come to her city on business, and he brought a Korf with him. This was the first time the woman played Korfball in her own city and it marked the beginning of Korfball in that city. She kept the Korf at her home, a truly treasured possession.

One day, a Korfballing couple who had met playing the sport came to the city from a far away country, and they wanted to carry on playing their favourite sport in their new home. So they met with the woman and her Korf, and had their first training session in her back garden.

Gradually the word spread, and more and more people were interested in playing. They eventually formed a team and travelled together to a distant land to partake in an international tournament. Upon their celebrated return home, they organised training sessions across the land, with many taking place in the woman’s city. Even more people joined and finally there were enough people to found a club. And so the woman and the couple and some of their new-found sporting friends got together, and had lots of meetings and did lots of hard work and drank lots of drinks, until finally, on 4th April 2018, Korfball Club Zurich was founded. Now the woman could finally play Korfball every week in her city, and she had Korfballing friends, and she was happy. The rest, as they say, is history.

Founding members of KCZ

Korfball Club Zurich was founded on 4th April 2018, by Afke Schouten as President, Gian Reto Nussbaumer, Catherine Evans, and Luzia Kathriner as committee members, and Stuart Lorne and Louisa Carlisle as auditors