KCZ Summer Weekend 2020

With the biggest crew we’ve had so far, we started into yet another summer weekend in Langis. We hiked from Glaubenbielen to Langis, where we would stay the night. Our mountain guide and hut owner Luzia took us on a picturesque path over fields, mountain ridges and down some slippery slopes. Our former coach Jet, who came all the way from Japan, entertained us with some quirky Japan stories, Eve told us everything about Indonesia and Australia, our president Gian Reto led the way and photographer Silvie caught the best moments on camera.

After reaching the hut, the juicy meat and smoked vegetables from the grill felt like a blessing. We got more company from late-joiners Massimo (thanks for the grilling!), Afke and Anouk, and spent a fun evening with card games, wine and many laughs. We enjoyed team bonding at its best with Marc imitating a seahorse in the best way possible, Fabienne getting overwhelmed by having two hands at a clapping game and Rob confusing a Full English Breakfast with a kiss.

On Sunday, Luzia served us a lovely breakfast and Louisa added some fresh croissants. Despite the bad forecast, the weather decided to stay sunny and quite warm, so we played some mountain Korfball with amazing views. Janita and Melina scored many goals, and we all had a blast. To cool down, we went to Lake Sarnen, where we were joined by our latest member Aleks. We had a swim – and played some more Korfball. Here’s to another great summer weekend!

Lake Day in Lausanne

After months of not meeting the other Swiss korfball teams, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon of Korfball by the lake in Lausanne. We started with some great (but exhausting) 4v4 games mixed with the other Swiss clubs. After we'd all got our breath back, we moved onto a full 8v8 game which was eventually won by Lausanne. We finished off the Korfball side of the day with a shooting competition which was won for KCZ by our new player Marc who also came home with the best new player of the day trophy.

After our games there was much swimming in the lake, good food, drinks and catch-up with the other clubs. We had a great day and thanks very much to Lausanne for hosting.

KCZ Winter Weekend 2020

After going viral last year with our Snow Korfball photos, we decided to spend another weekend in Luzia’s mountain hut in Langis – for some snow korfball and fun, not just the pictures, of course. Luckily, the sun was shining, and we could play some snow korfball in just t-shirts. While there was not as much snow as last year, we still managed to build our newest KCZ member, Mr. Snowman.

In a very Swiss manner, we had a lovely raclette for dinner and played board games in the evening. Attempting to capture the sunrise, some of us got up very early, but sadly the clouds decided to cover the sun. Nevertheless, the start into the day succeeded with some tasty traditional Zopf and Birchermüsli for breakfast. The team bonding was successful, and we had yet another great snow weekend with many laughs!

KCZ & Friends 2019

KCZ and Friends is our traditional tournament – born last year – where we invite clubs from near and far to compete in a fun competition. This one was our second edition, and we were able to welcome more clubs than last year! With Korfball Supernova from London, we have found a loyal friend, who undertook the journey from London to Zurich for the second time already.

Moreover, our friends from Korfball Basel joined with a strong team, and we had a fourth team comprising the clubs of Lausanne and Bern, with some additional friends from Scotland and Bristol. This year, we even had a visit from Kevin Allen from the International Korfball Federation, who gave some of our players an introduction into coaching and refereeing and showed the support from the IKF for Korfball in Switzerland. A lovely international mix of teams!

The tournament was structured into a group phase and a final phase. In the group phase, each team played each other team once, which led to a first ranking. The final phase then decided the winner, and showed that still everything was possible: Supernova were able to win the tournament and the team of Lausanne/Bern who came last in the group phase was able to turn the tables and come second. It was an exciting day with a lot of game experience for all teams.

One of the highlights for everyone was the dinner we all had together, followed by a visit to the Zurich Christmas marked, where we all indulged in mulled wine and hot chocolates. Thanks to Supernova, Korfball Club Basel, Kevin and all other visitors for a successful tournament!

KCZ Summer Weekend 2019

What happens if you mix Dutch, British and Swiss people and tell them to spend a weekend? I can tell you: mountains, hiking, korfball, bbq, drinks, cake, tea, swimming, games, star gazing and lots and lots of fun.

After last year’s somewhat rainy summer weekend meant we were mostly confined to the hut, we were delighted to be luckier with the weather this year: perfect conditions for a hike, not too hot a little cloudy but also sunny. We started early in the morning in Langis and set off towards our goal: the Feuerstein. Hearing of the planned 5.5h hike with more than 500m ascent almost scared off the flat country / Dutch among us, but as soon as we switched from the road to the hiking trail, it became clear that the Dutch women among us were perfectly at home climbing mountains. After a short but steep climb we reached the ridge and were rewarded with a wonderful view. When we reached the summit, we took the opportunity to record our ascent in the summit book and then gave ourselves a lunch break. The 600m descent along the ridge via Rickhubel led us through various landscapes and made us forget the everyday urban life of Zurich. Back in the Langis we enjoyed a well-deserved cool drink and with alphorn sounds from the slope next door, it couldn't have been more traditional Swiss.

We relocated our relaxation session to the hut and raised our legs a bit, with the exception of a few busy bees who were chopping wood and lighting fires, ensuring we had a great BBQ to refuel after the day’s hard work. In fact we had so much food, we probably could have fed a dozen more! A peaceful evening of chat, games and star gazing rounded off the day perfectly.

The next day went just as smoothly, if a little more chilled out. Breakfast outside in the sun with homemade Zopf, and then of course, we couldn't resist shooting a few korfs. Fortunately, there is a more or less flat area on a mountain where a dedicated group can play korfball, as long as you don’t stray too close to the edge! After a short detour to Honegg to enjoy the view, we moved the party back to the valley and ended the weekend at the lake in Sarnen with a swim and ice cream.

We're eagerly looking forward to next time!

KCZ turns one!

Time flies! We have only just celebrated signing the statutes and becoming a club, and now we celebrate the club's first birthday already. A lot has happened over the last year, we set up regular trainings, a committee, we have been to our first tournaments in and outside of Switzerland, we are regularly visiting Swiss Korfball trainings, we had many socials, including the legendary winter weekend and we have acquired a total of 20 members!

To celebrate the club achievements, we held a special anniversary training, followed by birthday cake and anniversary drinks. While our lovely Jet carefully planned a fun training session, the committee arranged it to be interrupted after every exercise in order to reward someone for their special achievements. Shoutout to all our award winners:

And last but not least, best Swiss Korfball club: Korfball Club Zurich. Our friends from Lausanne and Basel are welcome to challenge us. We are proud of the achievements of the last year and are very much looking forward to what the future brings. Happy birthday KCZ!

KCZ Winter Weekend 2019

At the kind invitation of Luzia, a few members of KCZ (and wider Swiss Korfball players) spent an incredible weekend in Luzia's family's mountain hut, and held the first KCZ snow training session! We got plenty of curious looks and questions from passers-by as we tried to adjust to shooting whilst on unstable snow, diving after rouge balls that threatened to escape down the mountain, and mastered a new kind of korfball shot, the sledging-in shot!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Swiss mountain hut experience without some raclette and board games in the evening, and the weekend was made even more magical by star-gazing at night and then getting up for the sunrise the next morning.

A huge thank you goes to Luzia and her family for organising the weekend and accommodating us, and we're all very excited to go back in half a year for the summer weekend!

KCZ & Friends: the first korfball tournament in Switzerland

Since the launch of the Korfball Club Zurich on the 4th of April 2018, it was just a matter of time before the first matches would take place. With players having korfball friends across the whole of Europe, we decided the best idea was to organise our own tournament with international competitors.

And so, on Saturday 29th of September, all club members came together, a unique moment which enabled us to field not just one but two teams: Zurich Serious & Zurich Fun. Our competitors, Supernova Korfball club, flew in from London. We also formed a mixed scratch team in which we all played together, for added fun and game time.

The first match was immediately an important one. Stuart had the great opportunity to beat his former teammates. So the target was clear: Win, regardless of how. The match was played in a killer pace. Before the spectators opened their eyes, the score was already 2-2. Then, Zurich Serious took the lead, showing extreme sharpness in shooting and allowing us to record the first club match ever in the books as a win of 12-5.

The Zurich Fun team had serious fun. All played to the best of their capabilities, with some playing their first match ever with a big smile on their face. The team also made really cool goals with quick running in moves, short shots, as well as long distance shots. It was wonderful to see the level of play improve from everyone throughout the day.

As the last match rolled around, Supernova and Zurich Serious were in the top two positions, resulting in a great final game. Having already played a full day, maintaining a strong focus was important for us, as well as a strong mentality to not give in to the tiredness of the body. Given the unique opportunity to win our own tournament, all players were fully ready to beat Supernova another time.

The match started with some nerves. Some shots were taken too quick, which enabled Supernova to keep up the required level. It was exactly at that time, that Geoff finally found his long distance shot. After several matches of trying, now the results showed off. With two shots in a row he put Zurich in a good position. The other four took over and it was done. Louisa found her easy position to shoot behind the post and Duncan was as usual everywhere in the field to collect balls.

Half-time and it was already 8-3 to us, so we could enjoy the second half. Jet and Afke were both in the running for the top scorer position. However, both preferred to see other players attempting to make their first goal. And so it happened. Gian Reto used his super speed to surprise his opponent and scored. Anouk put several shots up, cool as usual, and in the surprising moments that she did not make it, our rebound was extremely well organised by Kristian. All came together as a team, resulting in a clear win for KC Zurich and placing us as the first winners ever of a korfball tournament organised in Switzerland.

A huge thanks to Cat and Stu who put in a lot of organisation for the day, and to our guests who travelled to join us in this special moment. We can all look back to a great day with fair play, a lot of fun and some top results.

A new tradition is born.